National armani

It may have passed you by while reading Cosmo, but Giorgio Armani has designed the outfits for the Italian Olympic team. As you can see from the above photo, they’re awful – the sort of tracksuits wannabe mafia wear in Naples.

So why am I posting about them? Because Giorgio’s sewn the words of the Italian national anthem into them.

He doesn’t seem that confident in the patriotic gesture, though. The lines are either hidden on the inside of jackets or underneath collars, which is not exactly the best placing for forgetful gold medalists.

If I were him, I’d have written a couple of its lines in big letters on the front and back, preferably with an English translation:

Siam pronti alla morte. L’Italia chiamò
We are ready to die. Italy has called
It may have given the athletes a psychological advantage, in the fencing at least.
Could you ever print an anthem’s lyrics on clothes and not appear right wing? Probably not. But if anyone has any other examples of anthem ‘fashion’, please let me know.

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