God save us from God Save The Queen

This weekend, if you live in England, you’re not going to be able to escape the world’s worst anthem.

It’s the Queen’s diamond jubilee – 60 years ruling over us – which means God Save the Queen is going to be everywhere.

Why’d I dislike it? Because it’s plodding and it’s pompous and, most of all, because it was the world’s first, which meant it spread.

In the 1800s, it was used, note for note, by tens of countries for their anthem. It even made it to Hawaii. Today, dozens still seem to take inspiration from it, and so have plodding and pompous anthems too. Why can’t they use their own melodies and actually have something that sounds different, inspiring and fun?

But maybe I really just dislike it because I’ve heard it too much. I’ve just done a few Google searchers and collected these old recordings of the tune with different words and – blimey! – they don’t half sound better.

Below’s hopefully a Soundcloud player featuring God Save the King sung in 1911, plus the old Russian and Swiss anthems. Although if it’s not working, here is a link

Finally, to reward you for getting through those, a version of God Save the Queen you may actually like. The Sex Pistols, obviously

Have a good weekend

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