You’ve voted for Obama, now vote for me (or investigative journalism at least)!

Update: I somehow managed to win! Thanks to everyone for your support. It means a lot.

I can’t promise you hope, change, or even to fix the US’s immigration system, but I can promise you some half-decent music journalism and the occasional bad joke!

An article of mine’s just been shortlisted for ‘feature of the year’ in the UK’s music press awards.

It’s an investigation into ATP, one of the world’s most lauded concert promoters, which runs festivals in the UK, US, Australia and Japan, but somehow went into liquidation earlier this year leaving several million pounds of debt.

You can read the piece here, and if you like it, and believe investigative journalism like it needs support (the paper it was written for had to send it to a lot of lawyers before publishing), feel free to vote for it here.

Only people who have a role in the “music or media business” are meant to vote. But – hey – isn’t that everybody these days?

You should have a read of the other nominees before deciding who to vote for and among them is this great Pitchfork interview with Bat for Lashes and this Guardian interview with Frank Ocean. Those are both by great writers, Laura Snapes and Rebecca Nicholson, who you should be checking out anyway.

Sorry this post has nothing to do with national anthems – my usual remit on this blog – but clearly anthems aren’t my full time job!


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