Forget Kanye’s Yeezus, the big release of the year’s this!

Or maybe not, but it is without doubt the MOST AMAZING YOUTUBE CLIP EVER (to feature 40 Americans singing the Star-Spangled Banner)!

I filmed this on a recent trip to the US where I was doing research into America’s national anthem. Whenever I got chatting to someone, I’d ask them to sing a line of the song. It was surprising how many said yes.

The clip features people in Washington, New York, Nashville and Baltimore, including an 11-year-old saxophone player in a judo kit, the man who wrote the song Day-O and the up-and-coming country singer Mary Sarah. Yes, literally amazing. Thanks to them all.

To anyone who was hoping to see me sing, I’ll leave posting that footage until I’ve lost all my dignity (give it about three days!).

To double the fun, here’s a similar film I made in France last year. All together now, ‘Allons enfants de la Patrie…”

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