What rhymes with Toblerone? Switzerland seeks new national anthem

Swiss flag flying in the Alps

Switzerland – the home of time, chocolate and knives everyone owns but never uses – has decided it needs a new national anthem.

The Swiss Psalm, the current tune, is apparently “outdated and uninspiring” and sounds too much like a Biblical weather forecast to be kept any longer.

“When the morning skies grow red…thou O Lord appeareth in the sky,” it starts, before telling everyone to pray whenever the Alps “grow bright with splendour” – quite a burden for anyone living near them.

The Swiss Society for Public Utility, a body that aims to protect national identity, is behind the move and will accept entries from 1 January 2014.

You can enter in any of the country’s four languages: German, French, Italian or Romansch, a language spoken by 60,000 people who live in a few isolated valleys in the country.

Entries are meant to be written to the existing  tune, but they’ll accept new music if you’re particularly talented.

The good news is you don’t have to be Swiss to enter, so come on aspiring song writers, get thinking of a good rhyme for Toblerone, and get entering! You do have to live in Switzerland, but it’s not hard to buy a plane ticket to Zurich is it? And if you win, you’ll get 10,000 Swiss francs so you might even get the air fare back.

The website with all the details is here. It’s not in English, so I’ve  put it through Google Translate for you. Yes, I am amazing.

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