Turning Japanese

Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms!

There’s been lots of national anthem news I should have posted about lately. Crimea lost an anthemgained one for a few days, then replaced it with Russia’s; Bangladesh broke the world record for anthem singing, so joining a bizarre anthem war that’s been raging in South Asia for a few years…

But instead of doing that, I’ve been stuffing myself with facts about Japan.

I’m off there in five hours – eek! – to learn about Kimigayo, probably the world’s most controversial anthem, which teachers have been refusing to sing for almost 70 years.

I’m sure the traditionally shy and retiring Japanese will be happy to talk to me about it!

I’ll write something when I’m back, but in the meantime enjoy the cherry blossoms. They’ll apparently be peaking when I hit Osaka. Come on!

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