Japan’s national anthem, sung by the people of Japan!

Here is – I promise – THE MOST AMAZING YOUTUBE CLIP YOU’LL EVER SEE… of a man awkwardly singing Japan’s national anthem on a bullet train!

I made this last month while travelling around Japan to research the country’s anthem, Kimigayo.

It features kimono-wearers in Kyoto, people at a cherry blossom party in Osaka, and even a man at the Myokohji Temple in Yokohama – the place where the anthem was born.

I’ve made videos like this in France and the US before. It proved a little harder to get people to sing in Japan. I think that’s because everyone’s afraid of disturbing the peace (I got turned down by SO many people on Tokyo’s subway). But it may also be because no one wants to be mistaken for a member of a right-wing group.

Arigato to everyone who sung for me despite that!

If you’d like to find out what the song’s about, click through to YouTube. The words are in Japanese and English in the description box.

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