And the winner of the anthem World Cup is…

I really wanted to pick an underdog – someone who is going to get knocked out next week with just a point to their name (Hello, Iran!).

Failing that, I wanted to pick Bosnia, this being the first time the country’s anthem has been heard at a World Cup – a landmark moment and one the team’s coach, Safet Sušić, found so emotional, he was still crying five minutes into the Argentina game.

But instead I’ve got to go with Brazilllllllllllllll! Yes, the favourites. Yes, the hosts.

I know it’s a cop out. But anyone who has seen the anthem being sung at Brazil’s games will agree. When the crowd carry on singing after the music’s stopped, finishing off the song’s first verse, it’s literally amazing.

It doesn’t matter that they’re singing some of the most appalling love poetry you’ve ever come across – “You are beautiful, strong, an intrepid colossus” – it’s enough to make you want to be Brazilian. The two times I’ve heard it now, I’ve had to stop myself from grabbing a Molotov cocktail and going out to protest about bus prices.

It’s even made me warm to David Luiz. That’s it’s power!

Here, have an MP3 of it ripped off a dodgy Korean TV station. Yes, it is worth downloading.

Here’s hoping it starts a trend. Except here in England. No one needs two verses of God Save the Queen.

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