Taylor Swift, the Chinese government and an Indian anarchist walk into a bar

Taylor Swift money

I unsurprisingly have a LOT of alerts set up to catch national anthem stories. Right now, you’d think those would be dominated by the news that China’s banning people from playing its national anthem at weddings, or even the fact an Indian anarchist’s just spent 35 days in jail after refusing to stand for his.

But they’re not. Instead they’re filled with 14-year-olds from Wisconsin posting the words “Heartbreak is the national anthem” as if they’ve just been dumped.

Heartbreak is the national anthem tweet

Which would be incredibly annoying if those words weren’t taken from one of the greatest pop tracks of the year: Taylor Swift’s New Romantics.

It’s a song about trying to be strong in the face of arseholes – something we can all identify with I’m sure you agree, and far more than we can with people playing national anthems at weddings. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE PLAY AN ANTHEM AT A WEDDING WHEN THEY COULD PLAY TAYLOR SWIFT? HAVEN’T THEY HEARD SHAKE IT OFF?

Unfortunately, I can’t post New Romantics as Taylor’s banned herself from the Internet, so go and listen to it on iTunes or, y’know, at least head off and watch that clip of her rapping along to Kendrick Lamar.

(The photo at the top of this post is stolen from Billboard. Yes, I’m a very bad man.)

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