Sepp Blatter’s anthem doesn’t sound like the soundtrack to a corrupt organisation, oh no!

Franz Lambert, FIFA anthem in a football!

I’m probably reading too much into this, but FIFA’s anthem really does sound like the sort of thing you could whistle to pep yourself up on your way to pick up a backhander.

It was written by a German composer, Franz Lambert, for the 1994 World Cup (that’s him above playing it inside a football). Franz’s other records include 56 Holiday Hits Sunny Beach Party, Symphonie d’Amour, and Let’s have a Party 2, all of which I fear are likely to soon appear in a US Justice Department indictment.

Franz has NOTHING to do with the corruption allegations, I should point out. But here, stolen from his website, is a photo of him with Sepp Blatter, apropos of nothing.

Franz Lambert and Sepp BlatterIf you do like his anthem, you can join his Fanclub for €21 a year. He’ll send you a Christmas card. Do it now!

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