The worst video of Nepal’s national anthem you’ll ever see!

I recorded this back in 2012, while doing some research in Pokhara, Nepal’s second city.

From the ‘camera work’, I appear to either be drunk or so nervous I can’t stop my hands from shaking. I’m not sure what the problem actually was, but if the clip doesn’t make you sick, I hope you’ll at least enjoy the music!

Nepal’s anthem (called Made of Hundreds of Flowers) is one of the world’s weirdest, but I love it as it couldn’t sound more like the country – it doesn’t try to sound like God Save the Queen or la Marsellaise as so many other countries’ anthems do.

It was composed by an old Nepali musician, Amber Gurung, and the words are by the poet Byakul Maila. I’m pretty sure both survived the recent earthquakes unscathed, but obviously the country didn’t. Donate if you can.

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