Sorry Scotland, I will not be going homeward tae think again!

Last weekend, I wrote this opinion piece for The Scotsman explaining why the country’s politicians should finally adopt Flower of Scotland as their national anthem (yes, that song everyone belts out at rugby matches).

I didn’t think anyone could argue with it.

Turns out I was wrong!

For the next THREE days the paper’s letters page was filled with responses. Here are some of the highlights:

“Alex Marshall may have written a book about national anthems but he has a tin ear…”

“…as a football fan, yes, I love Flower of Scotland, but I want Scotland to look forward, not backwards”

“Flower of Scotland is a very good folk song and deserves to be sung in pubs, but its theme of gloating over an ancient victory over our nearest neighbour and closest ally would soon become an embarrassment if used as a national anthem.

“The fact that other nations have vengeful and bloodthirsty themes is a good reason for Scotland to have a more enlightened approach.”

I still think I’m right!

Below’s the original version by folk duo The Corries from 1968. Clearly it’s not anywhere near as stirring as the renditions you hear at sports events, but it’s a true street anthem and something everyone in the country should be proud of. Even the people who wrote those letters!

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