Very kind of them #1

As regular readers of this blog will know far-too-well, I have a book out. And it’s been really nice to get feedback from people who’ve been reading it, especially those I don’t know.

Someone called @gileadamit said this on Twitter: “If you’re a fan of great first-person storytelling and a shedload of geo-musical trivia, read this by @alexmarshall81.” He was apparently in Zurich airport at the time so God knows where he bought a copy!

Someone called Jeff Horwich also posted on this very site: “Great book – devoured it at the weekend”. Jeff admittedly wrote that at the bottom of a very long complaint about something I said about Liechtenstein on the BBC, but it was still brilliant to read.

And finally @edsome1963 said he heard me on BBC Radio Scotland recently (here, from 43:26 in, one of the funnest interviews I’ve done to promote the book) was intrigued enough to buy a copy, and is finding it “fascinating and witty”. I have no idea where Ed lives, but he’s clearly on my Christmas card list!

If anyone else out there is enjoying it, feel free to tell me, your friends, Amazon, Goodreads, the world…! it’s immensely rewarding.

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