The quick way to annoy a country – UAE edition!

UAE fans

I wish I could show you the advert that’s offended the UAE, but it’s gone. So here are some of the country’s football fans instead

You sometimes have to worry about the stupidity of advertisers.

Yesterday, BMW unveiled an ad for the United Arab Emirates. Today, it is no more. Why? Here’s a quick run through of said ad:

1-6 seconds: UAE footballers sing national anthem; look bored

7 seconds: BMW revs in distance

8-50 seconds: UAE footballers leg it from stadium and go and drive BMWs!

It seems to have survived one viewing before being withdrawn. The UAE’s main newspaper even found a lawyer to say it likely breached the country’s constitution banning commercial use of national symbols. “The penalty could vary between jail and or a fine,” he said. Poor advertisers!

In their defence, the UAE’s anthem – Ishy Bilady, Long Live My Country – is awful. It was composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab, one of Egypt’s greatest musicians, but he was also a man who had a habit of knocking out anthems for any country who’d pay, ending up with Libya’s and Tunisia’s as well.

He seemed to benefit from the lack of internet in the 1950s since no one appeared to notice they all sounded the same. Enjoy them below. Or maybe not!

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