Rest in peace: Qatar’s ‘angry generation’ anthem composer

Abdulaziz Nasser Al Obaidan

National anthem composers are dropping like flies, it’s sad to say.

On Friday, Abdulaziz Nasser Al Obaidan, the composer of Qatar’s, died of “a long illness” (I’ve been unable to find out what) age 64.

This is only weeks after Nepal’s anthem composer died.

I don’t really like Qatar’s anthem, if I’m being honest. Abdulaziz wrote in 1996 and perfunctory would be the word for it.

But many Qataris clearly feel differently. “Today we say goodbye to the one who nurtured us in the romance of one’s country,” tweeted one poetically.

To ensure I don’t give the impression he was an awful musician, head here and listen to his song Rapture, which I’m assuming is patriotic since the video features shots of the Qatari national bank (what better emblem for the country!).

But for a complete contrast, below is a song simply labelled “Abdulaziz, the angry generation musician”. Given there’s never any dissent in Qatar, I’m assuming that doesn’t mean he was running around annoying the country’s elite. But the video is of the Arab Spring, so you never know. It lives up to its angry billing, anyway.

Rest in peace.


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