Olmypic anthem of the day #7: Taiwan! Or Chinese Taipei! Or whatever you want to call it!

Hsu Shu-ching who won gold lifting 212kg. That's three of me! Bloody hell!

Hsu Shu-ching on her way to winning gold by lifting 212kg. That’s three of me!

What anthem does Taiwan play at the Games? Not its actual one, unsurprisingly, because China won’t allow it. Just as China won’t allow Taiwan to be called Taiwan either (it competes as Chinese Taipei).

It’s a huge shame as the anthem’s great, with a grace and ever-changing rhythm you rarely find in these songs. It’s also the only anthem based on a political speech, meaning it’s filled with bizarre references to Taiwan founder Sun Yat-sen’s political philosophy (“Three principles…Follow the principles!”).

So what does Chinese Taipei play? This, its National Flag Song.

Is it any better? No! I mean, didn’t you just listen to it? It’s a dull march. Although clearly no one really minds. Hsu Shu-ching didn’t look remotely disappointed when she heard it after winning gold in the 53kg women’s weightlifting. But I do hope they play her the actual anthem when she gets home.

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