Olympic anthem of the day #11: Vietnam!

Vietnam’s The Marching Song, has everything you could want in a national anthem.

You want blood? It’s got that in abundance, being filled with lines like, “Our glorious path [to victory] is built on the corpses of our foes.”

You want war cries? It has those too, of course! “Hasten to the battlefield. Forward! Everyone!” goes the chorus.

And you want a quirky tune that’s completely inappropriate to accompany such violence? Well, it definitely has that.

Which is why it’s so brilliant that Vietnam won its first-ever Olympic gold last week as it meant this wonderful tune was played in Rio. Yes, I should have written about it then, but I only learned about the medal an hour ago.

So congratulations to Hoang Xuan Vinh for winning the 50m air pistol. His prowess with a weapon perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise given his country’s anthem, although here’s hoping he didn’t take the line about building the path to victory on his foes’ bodies literally.

Here’s a picture of him shooting.

Don't mess!

Don’t mess!

And here, for no other reason than it puts a smile on my face, is a photo of him being mobbed yesterday in Hanoi airport.

Vietnamese Hoang Xuan Vinh

This could be you too. Take up shooting!

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