Olympic anthem of the day #14: Jamaica!

Bolt claiming his ninth gold as someone else falls over in shock

Bolt claims ninth gold causing man next to him to fall over in shock

You would hope the country that’s given the world Usain Bolt, Elaine Thompson, Asafa Powell, Omar McLeod and countless other sprinting superstars would have an anthem to match their speed, charisma and excitement.

Instead, it has Jamaica, Land We Love!

On one level, it’s unsurprising. The anthem was written in 1962 by four people including a local vicar just as the country gained independence from Britain. It was always likely to sound like a God Save the Queen rip off.

So… is it time Jamaica dumps it? Maybe get rid of the brass and replace it with some reggae or ragga? I’ve long thought so. I even call for the country’s politicians to do just that in my book on anthems.

But today I heard controversial dancehall star (he’s in prison for murder) Vybz Kartel’s cover of the anthem and I think it’s changed my mind.

Blimey. Jamaica, keep what you’ve got!

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