Some non-anthem news!

There’s been a lot of national anthem stories around lately – like the NFL announcing it’s going to fine teams if their players refuse to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner, or the “singing road” in the Netherlands that played the Friesland national anthem when you drove over it (and so annoyed locals, it had to be ripped up).

So why haven’t I written about any of it on here? As I’ve been a bit consumed with a job application. But the amazing news is I got the job. From next week, I’ll be a culture reporter at The New York Times, covering all of Europe – so anything from a crisis in Bulgaria’s theatres to, yes, a singing road in the Netherlands.

Do subscribe to the paper to read all my future stories and those of my amazing colleagues (or just keep an eye on here and read them for free)!

I’ll clearly try to get anthems in as much as possible, and if I do, I’ll post them here.

Until then, enjoy the anthem showcase that is the 2018 World Cup later this month. There will be some great lesser-heard anthems on display – the least heard of them being Panama’s, which opens with surprisingly appropriate lyrics for a football tournament: “We finally reach victory / In the happy field of union.”

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