Audio guide

It’s easy to find the anthems mentioned in the book online – try Wikipedia, the great, or even some of the sites dedicated to individual ones (you could get lost in the insane Russian Anthems Museum for days), but to save you a lot of Googling, I’ve made this guide. I hope it gives you an insight that my writing doesn’t!

Use the drop down menu above or click below to select a chapter.


1. France: the greatest anthem of them all

2. Nepal: defying convention

3. America: an ad-man’s dream

4. Japan: anthems and conflict

5: Kazakhstan: anthems in dictatorships

6. Liechtenstein and the UK: one song to the tune of another

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina: an anthem in need of words

8. The Islamic State: anthems and jihad

9. Egypt: anthems and fame

10:  South Africa: trying to sing the rainbow, one anthem, five languages

11. Paraguay: national operas

12: Epilogue

And if you don’t want to go through all of those, here’s a Spotify playlist of some great covers of anthems, songs featuring anthems and, er, songs called anthems. Yes, it does finish with the whole of the 1812 Overture. No, there isn’t a better way to end a playlist than with la Marseillaise and a lot of cannons going off!

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