There is nothing like an academic review of your book

Yes, my book came out ages ago, but no, that doesn’t mean it’s stopped being reviewed. This month, Nations & Nationalism – the world’s leading journal of nationalism studies – has featured it and, amazingly, they like it:

“An entertaining read that will aid nationalism scholars in considering how myths of everyday nationhood are received and felt of as significant”

Blimey! I thought academics would annihilate it, so the review’s incredibly pleasing to read. That’s only one line of the 800-word review, which also talks a lot about my “innovative research method” (talking to the composers and poets behind anthems), and situates my book in an more academic context making it sound incredibly intellectual!

Huge thanks to Eviane Leidig from Oslo University’s Centre for Research on Extremism for reviewing it.

If any academics read this and want me to come in and chat with their students, get in touch.

Literary festivals – I am available!

Alex Marshall, author of Republic or Death, at the National Maritime Museum's Book Slam event

An utterly shameless post – but here’s a photo someone took of me speaking last Friday at the great Book Slam event at the National Maritime Museum. There were 500 people there amazingly (Will Self was headlining) and it was so much fun.

Any literary festivals or event organisers stumbling past here, I am available and I am – of course! – amazing (see here for the most 21st century of reviews or contact Book Slam for proof)!