A hand clap: the anthem of Euro 2016

This year’s Euros have been a tournament of anthems: la Marseillaise sung over and over at every game France has played; Wales’ Land of My Fathers belted out almost in disbelief after every win; Cristiano Ronaldo practically screaming at his teammates to sing Portugal’s awful tune.

But if there’s one sound the tournament will be remembered for, it’s not an anthem, but a hand clap. Step forward, Iceland with the most intimidating and celebratory chant I’ve ever heard.

Iceland’s actual anthem, Lofsöngur (Hymn), is probably the more forgettable in the tournament. As its title suggest, it’s little more than a prayer. “Oh, God of our country…we worship thy name in its wonder sublime”, goes its opening.

But there is one good reason to sing it, at least if you’re Scottish. Read this snippet of mine from The Times’ diary column this week to learn more:

Times snippet on Iceland's anthem